Here’s three things I’m exploring in my life right now to scale my SaaS growth business:

🔥 Transitioning my solo practice into a thriving business -

I love growing businesses so why not my own?

Currently onboarding a new biz partner;

lining up collaboration partners, and

Building a bench of like-minded growth geniuses.

🔥 Creating an optimal system(s)

defining, implementing, and iterating a scalable and repeatable CRM, billing, onboarding, reporting system

🚀 30-day revenue hack

a practical, no-bullshit eLearning guide to help pre-market founders land their perfect customers and keep them exceptionally happy.

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I have a love/hate with LinkedIn. I post, comment, engage then I don’t.

I know consistency is the key to utilizing this channel effectively. Why I don’t stick with it is TBD and to be explored over the next month.

I know sharing my experiences and insights does and can continue to benefit others, and myself.

So, I’m self-imposing my own 30-day challenge to post content and engage daily for a month.

Plus, because LinkedIn has been kicking my ass, I thought I’d turn the table.

So, here we go.

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Read this post and more on my Typeshare Social Blog



Jason Bennett

I’m an entrepreneur, advisor, and VR fitness nut who writes about SaaS growth tactics, the founder’s journey, and lifehacking.